These Countries Have Banned GMOs. What’s America Waiting For?


The GMO ban fever is spreading all over the world. Already, numerous countries have banned the crops from being grown in their borders. So what’s the holdup with the US? There’s a number of reasons why GMOs will not be labeled in the United States and Monsanto is one of those main reasons why it isn’t. Contact your representative and weigh in on the issue.

Italy: All of the regions and provinces of Italy passed banns on GE crops, and the national law was ratified by their government. The regional governments have been given authority to overturn decisions at the EU level on this matter.

France: France successfully banned PGS and AgrEvo HR rapeseed.

Germany: Complete ban of Novartis Bt corn.

Luxemborg: Ban on Novartis Bt corn.

Portugal: Ban on Novartis Bt corn.

Greece: Ban on AgrEvo HR rapeseed, moratorium on GE crop trials.

Norway: Banned import of GE crops and products with antibiotic resistant genes.

Australia: Tasmania banned GE rapeseed, Western Australia banned commercial GE planting. Australian states are able to decide on whether or not to carry GMOs.

New Zealand: Some regions have declared themselves GMO free. GE salmon has been banned by the government.

Thailand: Banned imports of 40 GMO crops used for commercial planting.

Philippines: The Philippine president has announced a moratorium on GMO crop research.

Saudi Arabia: Banned foods made from GMOs and does not import GE wheat.

Egypt: Does not import GE wheat.

Algeria: Aggressively banned the import, distribution, commercialization and utilization of GMO crops, with the exception of research purposes.

Brazil: GMO seed planting is prohibited by law in Brazil.

Paraguay: Ministry of Agriculture does plan to ban GE crops from commercial planting.

Mexico: Bans GMO Corn – Yet another nation has joined against the planting of Monsanto’s genetically modified creations, with a Mexican judge launching a complete ban on the growth of GMO corn field trials that were planned to move forward.

Fortunately, in the US there have been various bills and rules on GMOs. Citizens of Oregon and Colorado will have the opportunity to vote on labeling GMOs this November.

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