DHS ‘Constitution Free’ Zones Inside US Ignored By Media


In what should be front page news blasted out nationwide as a  breaking news alert, the DHS has openly established extensive ‘Constitution free  zones’ in which your Fourth Amendment does not exist. 

It’s not ‘conspiracy’ and it’s not fraud, the DHS has literally created an  imaginary ‘border’ within the United States that engulfs 100 miles from every  single end of the nation. Within this fabricated ‘border’, the DHS can  search your electronic belongings for no reason. We’re talking about  no suspicion, no reasonable cause, nothing. No reason  whatsoever is required under their own regulations. The DHS is now above the  Constitution under their own rules, and even Wired  magazine authors were amazed at the level of pure tyranny going on here.

This ‘border’ even includes where the US land meets oceans in addition to legitimate borders with Mexico and Canada. As a result, you have over 197 million citizens suffocated in these 100 mile ‘border zones’ that include major cities like New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Checkout the graphic below for a visual representation, with the orange area representing the Constitution free zone as designated by the DHS:


What’s even more amazing, is that this has been going on since 2008. That’s about 5 years of absolute unconstitutional abuse of power by the Department of Homeland Security that the media fails to even document. That’s 197 million citizens living without a Constitution as far as the DHS is concerned, and apparently the Department of Justice (DOJ) must be pretty content too. Amazingly, no one has challenged this besides the ACLU, which was contacted following the case of a man who was actually detained within the 100 mile ‘border’ area.

Not only was this man’s laptop searched for no reason, as is ‘allowed’ under DHS code now, but they ended up finding pictures designated to be linked up with ‘terrorist’ groups. In response, the man was thrown in a cell while DHS agents went through every piece of data on his entire laptop. The ACLU is now suing over this event, but there’s no telling how the case will go with such limited media exposure. The DHS is literally gutting the Constitution and declaring itself higher than the law of the land by doing this, and it spells out major trouble for the entire Bill of Rights at large.

DHS Dismisses Constitution, Bill of Rights

Because if the DHS can simply ‘overrule’ the Fourth Amendment for 197 million  citizens, it can also ‘overrule’ the First and Second Amendments as well. What’s  stopping them? It’s highly illegal under the Constitution, but it appears they  truly don’t care. And to demonstrate just how little they truly care, they have  even gone and ‘reviewed’ themselves for their own  actions following outcry from some legal experts.

To break it down: back in 2008 there was outrage from those who actually  value the Constitution and understand how the bloated DHS entity works, so the  DHS promised to prove within 120 days that what they were doing was  constitutional and legal. Years later, the report came out to reveal that the DHS actually reviewed itself and  determined that it was acting 100% properly. It also founds that  everything it was doing was ‘constitutional’ because it was not actually  removing the Constitution from United States soil, only the ‘border’.

The ‘border’ that expands 100 miles and includes 197 million people.

This news should be on the front page of every single news organization in  the world, but the sad reality is that it’s not. It’s up to the alternative  news, the real news, to report on this. It’s up to me to make videos about this,  it’s up to the alternative news to syndicate it out, and it’s up to you to share this. It’s time to reclaim our Constitution and tell the DHS we won’t  live in Constitution free zones any longer.

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