Feb 3 Full Moon


After having spoken with Shane about different categories that he would like for me to commentate on, I decided to write this article. My intention is to provide lunations (lunar reports for the monthly Full and New Moon phases). I am not going to be providing horoscopic astrology, instead, my focus is going to be purely on the mundane side of things since The Global Elite incorporates the mundane world as opposed to the personal. So, for my first article, I am going to be writing about the aspects, fixed stars, and planets involved in this cosmic dance.

According to astrologer Marina Macario, “Full moon rituals are perfect for purging and releasing things from our life that no longer serve our higher selves. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues that have been festering.”

Now, we will look at the aspects that make up this curious chart and the interactions involved with other planets. This Full Moon falls in Leo Decan II on Dubhe, and and Acumens in the Great Mother Destroyer Bear. The late Diana K. Rosenberg says of the zone of the sky: “Unusual and/or extreme weather conditions: fogs, storms, shipwrecks, floods, drownings, great maritime and financial losses; fires, smoke, air pollution, epidemics, persecutions, assassinations, mass suicides, wild animal attacks, especially bears, snakes, crocodiles, and bees, the collapse of extreme speculations, and issues relating to the destruction of protection of children, animals and the environment.” There is a lot to be said about these issues, some of which are current, especially in the politics of the United States, and I will address those moreover momentarily.

Firstly, I find it interesting that abortion has now become a political issue amongst debate in congress, I also find it ironic that this Full Moon falls in the Great Mother Bear. Whenever looking at the chart, we can see that Juno (women’s rights) is tied up in this revolutionary Uranus Square Pluto, which, in turn, are all laced up with Squares, Oppositions, and Sextiles to the collective, karmic North Node of destiny. Uranus has come to represent the “gay,” or “rebellious” planet, and I think that it only makes sense that the Queen of the Gods is in a rebellious affair about reproductive issues with women. Pluto has been in Saturn’s Capricorn gate, representing institutions, the government, and other external constructs of society, and astrologers have come to accept this as a purging of all things which have been hidden in Pluto’s dark underworld. With the Uranus Square this Pluto, it has been about rebellion to institutions and social structures that otherwise serve to control us.

There is a Mars Conjunct Chiron involved in this arrangement, and Chiron, as our wounded healer may cause the collective to address issues which may be sensitive (Pisces). However, with this Mars Conjunct Chiron Quincunx our Moon on the Great Mother Mother Bear, I tend to feel as if women will be very vocal about this issue and their right as women to make decisions about their own health and bodies. There is a great deal of feminine energy in this chart, and because the chart features as Boomerang Yod directly pointing to the Moon, I feel as if this issue will be of significance for the collective to address.The Black Moon Lilith, Venus, and Juno are all connected through Quincunx and Semi-Sextiles, and I feel that generally this points to the emergence and victory of women in this affair, if this is truly what this is pointing to.

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