List of Bottled Water Without Fluoride


A list of companies without fluoride in their bottled water.

Fluoride Health Problems

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the presence of fluoride in public drinking water (fluoridation). For starters, before fluoride was used to fight cavities, it was (and still is) used in insecticides and rat poison.

Fluorosis is a condition that wears down the enamel of the tooth, leaving behind white spots, making the teeth more vulnerable to cavities and decay. Fluorosis is a very real health condition that can affect both children and adults. More and more evidence is mounting against the use of fluoride, even in small amounts. But it doesn’t appear to be a critical issue according to the US Surgeon Generals, as the last 5 Surgeon Generals have supported the fluoridation of drinking water. Incidentally, the claimed health benefits almost always point to oral health. Fortunately, the CDC is calling for new labeling rules requiring manufacturers to list a product’s fluoride content, which we have found to be missing in some cases.

What is too much Fluoride?

Fluoride itself is actually required by our bodies in low doses. When consumed in high amounts, specifically the man-made fluoride that is in public drinking water, can cause problems.An estimated 5-10g of sodium fluoride can be lethal for some adults. While fluoride provides benefits to your oral health, it can also come with adverse side effects, that vary in severity depending upon the amount of fluoride consumed. Excessive consumption of fluoride can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort. This can occur with doses 15 to 20 times lower than actual lethal doses (0.2-0.3mg/kg). Fluoride in excessive amounts can also cause problems in the formation bone.

  • Children under 6: (Toothpaste) – “A pea sized amount”
  • Adults: (Toothpaste) fluoride dentifrice (1,000 ppmF) or 1.0 g or more for adults

List of bottled water without fluoride


  • A Better Water
  • Agromas Natural Mineral Water
  • Albertsons
  • Alhambra
  • Alpina
  • American Fare
  • American Star
  • Aqua Fresca
  • Aqua Panna
  • Aqua Pure
  • Aquarius Natural Mineral Water
  • Arbor Springs Drinking Water
  • Arbor Springs Purified Water
  • Arbor Springs Spring Water
  • Arlington Springs
  • Aqua Systems
  • Aqua Von
  • Artesian Wells Distilled Water
  • Artesain Wells Drinking Water
  • Artesian Wells Infant Water
  • Augusta Medical – Daniels


  • Badger Water
  • Belmont Springs
  • Besco Pure Premium Drinking Water
  • BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water
  • Bio-2
  • Black Berry Farms
  • Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water
  • Boney’s
  • BORNEO Drinking Water
  • BORNEO Natural Mineral Water
  • Bountyland
  • Buches


  • Calistoga
  • Callaway Blue
  • CAPA
  • Cascade Bottled Water
  • Cascade Distilled Water
  • Cascade Purified Drinking Water
  • Century Springs Distilled Water
  • Century Springs Spring Water
  • Chemung Distilled Water
  • Chemung Spring Water
  • Chippewa Spring Water
  • Clearly Arctic
  • Clear Mountain Spring Water
  • Clover Company Limited
  • Cold Country
  • Cohutta Mountain Spring Water
  • Crystal Mountain Spring Water
  • Crystal Point
  • Crystal Ridge
  • Culligan Water
  • Culligan Demineralized Water
  • Culligan Distilled Water
  • Culligan Purified Water
  • Culligan Spring Water


  • Dakota Splash
  • Deep Rock
  • Deep Rock Crystal Drop
  • Deep Rock Fontenelle
  • Deja Blue
  • Desert Quench
  • Diamond Spring Water


  • East Phils
  • Eco Quest
  • Elite
  • Equatorial Natural Mineral Water
  • Essentia Water
  • Eureka
  • Evian
  • E Water


  • Famous Ramona Water
  • Flowing Springs
  • Fresh Brands Artesian
  • Fresh Brands Distilled Water
  • Fresh Brands Drinking Water
  • Fresh Market


  • Glen Summit Springs Water
  • Glen Summit Distilled Water
  • Great Bear


  • Harvey’s
  • H2O4U
  • Henry’s
  • Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water
  • Hinckley Springs
  • HINT
  • Hi-Sprint Drinking Water
  • Hi-Sprint Natural Mineral Water
  • Hon Less Natural Mineral Water


  • Ice Jam
  • Ice Mountain
  • Ice Mountain Natural Mineral Water
  • Inland
  • Istana Natural Mineral Water


  • Joe Muggs
  • Joe Ragan’s Pure Water


  • Kandiyohi Drinking Water
  • Kentwood Springs
  • KLGCC Natural Mineral Water
  • Krystal J Artesian Water
  • Krystal J Distilled Water


  • Laure


  • Martins
  • Masafi Pure Natural Mineral Water
  • Mayer Bros.
  • Mercurio Produce
  • Mesra Drinking Water
  • Mesra Natural Mineral Water
  • Misty Mountain
  • Monadnock Mountain Spring Water
  • Montclair
  • Mountain Energy
  • Mountain Forest
  • Mountain Valley Spring Water
  • Mount Olympus Spring
  • Mutiara Natural Mineral Water


  • Nantze Springs
  • New Zealand Spring Water
  • Niagra Mist
  • Nicolet Distilled
  • Nursery


  • Oasis Pure Drinking Water
  • Oasis Sparkling Water
  • Ogallala – Clear Cool Water
  • OUI Drinking Water
  • OUI Natural Mineral Water


  • Paiges
  • Parmer Pure H2O
  • Patriots Choice
  • Pelangi Natural Mineral Water
  • Penta Ultra Premium Purified Drinking Water
  • Polaris Water
  • Pristine Natural Artesian
  • Purely Sedona
  • Puritan Springs Distilled Water
  • Puritan Springs Drinking Water



  • Rain Soft
  • Refresh Natural Mineral Water
  • Reiser Drinking Water
  • Request Foods, Inc.
  • Rip Time
  • Roundy’s “Purified Water”


  • San Faustino Natural Mineral Water
  • San Pellegrino
  • Santee Springs
  • Scheopner’s Water
  • Sequoia Springs
  • Shamrock
  • Shenandoah Distilled Water
  • Shenandoah Pure Drinking Water
  • Shenandoah Spring Water
  • Shur-Fine
  • Sierra Springs
  • Silver Creek Purified Water
  • Silver Creek Spring Water
  • Sky Drinking Water
  • Snow Valley
  • Sparkletts
  • Spinx
  • Stator Bros. Markets
  • Summit Mountain
  • Summit Springs
  • Summit Valley


  • T-Rex
  • Teton Mountain Lodge Spring Water
  • Tweetsie



  • Veta Drinking Water
  • Volvic


  • Water Boy
  • Weis Markets Spring Water
  • Western Family
  • Whistler Water
  • Woodland Spring Water
  • Wyoming Machinery “Catipillar” Spring Water




How to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis Filtration
This process is used for purifying some, but not all types of bottled water. Reverse osmosis systems is typically not affordable for personal or general public use.

Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter
A home water filtration solution. But it’s quite an expensive solution at approximately $30/filter and the filters require frequent replacement.

Distillation Filtration
Commercial distillation filters that can be purchase to remove fluoride from water. While the fluoride can be removed from distilled water, it still may have other impurities that could prevent it from being unusable as drinking water.

Brita, Pur, and other Filters
These filters do not remove Fluoride. If you check the websites, and labels, the descriptions state that fluoride is left in the water after filtration.

Will Boiling Water Remove Fluoride?
No, this will only concentrate the fluoride rather than reduce it.

Will Freezing Water Reduce Fluoride?
No, this method has no effect on the presence of fluoride.

How to Reduce Fluoride Exposure

Check Water Bottling Labels for Fluoride
Read labels on bottles. Unless they are made with distilled or reverse-osmosis water, it was probably made with fluoridated public water.

Toothpaste without Fluoride

Consider using unfluoridated toothpaste. No-Fluoride Toothpaste reviews can be found on the following No-Fluoride Toothpastes.

01. Tom’s of Maine 01. Natural SLS-Free | Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
02. XyliWhite
Source: Full Spike

With your help we can continue improving this list. If you have found a company offering non-fluoridated bottled water that should be added to this list, or if you have found a company on this list that started using fluoride in their product please comment below.

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