The Rockefeller’s War on Drugs


How the Rockefeller’s turned the United States and other countries into police states.

(by Jean Carter)

Most people are not aware that John D. Rockefeller Junior (1874 to 1960) was the man directly responsible for creating and instigating the destructive war on drugs. The war on drugs which has continued for many decades since it was started in the early 1900’s was carefully planned and orchestrated to protect the family ownership of a chemically based pharmaceutical monopoly.

The war was first begun by Rockefeller Junior, with the help of his father, John D. Rockefeller Senior (1839 to 1937), taking over the control of all legal narcotics. A few years after Rockefeller Junior had taken over the narcotics business market, they then set their sights on eliminating medicinal marijuana (known as cannabis), because it was a competitive threat to their chemically based pharmaceutical sales.

In addition to the control on narcotics, Rockefeller Junior was also directly responsible for the prohibition of marijuana back during the 1930’s, and he was the real reason behind the government-sponsored Reefer-Madness propaganda (brain-washing) campaign designed to scare people (not aware they are brain-washed) about marijuana. Rockefeller Junior used as a business tactic the strategy of controlling narcotics by using political influence to get laws passed. He also used the strategy of prohibiting certain medicines, in order to control the entire medical system, which he, with the help of his father was able to accomplish. This was done to insure that the Rockefeller-owned pharmaceutical companies would remain the powerful monopolies that they had become. Hemp/marijuana made plentiful ethanol when distilled and was good for running car engines, generators etc. Hemp/marijuana had many industrial uses such as cloth, paper, ropes, and many, many other uses. Because it made plentiful ethanol it therefore was seen as a competitive threat to the Rockefeller petroleum monopolies, as was the fact that cannabis/marijuana was an excellent natural medicine which presented a serious threat to the Rockefeller monopoly on chemically based pharmaceutical sales.

I do not want to spend a lot of time writing about John Rockefeller Senior or the oil monopoly he built, since this is a research paper about the war on drugs. However, in order to understand the strategies used by Rockefeller Junior in causing prohibition, thus creating the war on drugs, it helps to look at the strategies used by Rockefeller Senior and how he earned his huge oil fortune. Rockefeller Junior learned a lot about how to conduct business from his father. So just a brief but closer look at the elder Rockefeller and his early days follows.

From a humble beginning, by the early 1900s John D. Rockefeller Senior was considered to be the richest man in the world; having made a huge fortune in oil. The Standard Oil Company formed by Rockefeller Senior in 1870 was by now so big that the government insisted that it be broken down into several smaller oil companies, which are still largely owned by the Rockefeller’s today. There have been many name changes over the years of the oil companies formed from the old Standard Oil Company such as BP, Texaco, Exxon-Mobile, Sunoco to name just a few of the oil companies still owned by the Rockefeller family.

An excellent book about the early days of Standard Oil is The History of Standard Oil Company, by Ida Tarbell. When her book was published around 1904, it caused a sensation. Rockefeller allies publicly labeled Miss Tarbell as a muckraker, and Rockefeller Senior privately made fun of the author and called her Miss Tar-Barrel. However Rockefeller Senior never made any public reference to the book, because he was probably embarrassed, or maybe he just did not care if people knew he was a crook. In any case the Tarbell book contained a detailed account of the early years of Rockefeller building his oil refinery monopolies and she exposed his crooked business dealings in her book. Her book goes into highly documented detail about fraud, secret kickbacks, bribes and ruthless business practices used by Rockefeller Senior in his strategy of deceit and deception to eliminate any competition from others, and which would also guarantee a monopoly for his Standard Oil Company.

When Rockefeller Senior started his first oil refinery in Cleveland, one refinery was not enough for him. He was driven to own all the refineries, whether the other refinery owners liked it or not. He was a steam roller. It also was not enough for him to just own all the refineries; he had to take over the distribution routes too, such as the railroads, waterways and pipelines. He took over the distribution of the oil from the refineries to the ports on the east coast, where his ships were waiting to carry the oil to other countries. He built huge storage tanks to hold oil before it was distributed to the customer. He took over the domestic routes, with his own fleet of trucks, delivering oil directly to homes and businesses needing oil. He eliminated any middle men and took their profits as his own. Rockefeller Senior was like a man driven to obtain more and more. He was very smart and shrewd and he knew how to make deals in which he always got the best of the deal, and often leaving the other guy emotionally broken and financially bankrupted. Rockefeller senior had a great ability to create monopolies and to break the spirit of his competitors.

Rockefeller Senior’s obsession to own everything included owning or controlling the various chemical companies that relied on his petroleum. These chemical companies made various products such as fertilizers, pesticides, explosives, industrial chemicals of all sorts as well as synthetic fibers and pharmaceutical drugs. These chemical companies were totally dependent on Rockefeller petroleum. Rockefeller took over the controlling interest of these companies and ran them.

Another thing I want to mention about Rockefeller Senior because it is important to know about. In the early days of building his oil empire, he formed a fake company called the South Improvement Company to carry out shady deals. This was the company Rockefeller would use when he did not want people to know they were dealing with him. This company would make all kinds of shady deals and many people lost their businesses when they signed up with this company. The company looked great on paper and its bylaws looked fair, and many businesses signed up with this company because it looked so good on paper. However, once the unsuspecting businessman joined up with the fake company, he soon realized that according to the fine print he had given up all control and ownership of his company to Rockefeller Senior. The reason I mention this is because years later when the younger Rockefeller Junior was creating the League of Nations, similar wording was used for the conditions of countries to join the League of Nations. In other words just like companies unknowingly gave up all their rights and control of their businesses to the old South Improvement Company which had been formed by Rockefeller Senior, those joining the League of Nations had to also agree to give up their autonomy and to agree to defer any major decisions to the League of Nations. There are many similarities between the formation of South Improvement and the League of Nations. The book, The History of Standard Oil, by Ida Tarbell can be found free on the Internet. This book is a fascinating look at the early oil industry of the Pennsylvania Oil fields and the rise to prominence of Rockefeller Senior.

The wealth being produced from oil (kerosene) was enormous even before cars were on the road to use gasoline. Rockefeller Senior began buying coal mines, railroads, steel mills, chemical companies that depended on petroleum products, and many other areas of business and industry. In 1894 he had developed oil ties in Venezuela and had purchased a railroad in Manchuria now in Northeast China. Rockefeller Senior believed that if you made a small investment in another country, it would buy great political influence in that country. He also wanted to retire from the oil business and use his time to do other things such as philanthropy and work on causes. Even before the automobile appeared on the national scene, the Rockefeller’s were very rich, and once gasoline became needed for automobiles, the wealth of the family became even greater. Eventually Rockefeller did retire and allowed others to run the oil business, although he still had total control over everything his oil companies did By the late 1890s he was retired from the oil business, and looking for new business opportunities, under the guise of philanthropy. This desire to do philanthropy work, while on the surface looked good, also had a more self-serving side. It seemed to satisfy an obsessive need in Rockefeller Senior to create even more monopolies to protect the growing Rockefeller Empire. So while Rockefeller Senior had now officially retired from running Standard Oil Companies, he was looking for new business ventures while hiding behind the mask of philanthropy. Now Rockefeller Senior had his son to help him.

The only son born to John Rockefeller Senior was John Rockefeller Junior. When Junior was old enough, somewhere around the turn of the century, his father gave him the responsibility for running Standard Oil. However, after Junior had worked a short time in the top position, his father replaced him with someone else who was more qualified to run the company. Nonetheless, this did not prevent Rockefeller Senior from finding other positions for Junior because Rockefeller Senior was grooming Rockefeller Junior to manage the family fortune, and there were a lot of ways to do it. Rockefeller Senior set Junior up on the board of directors of many companies and industries, including U.S. Steel.

During the period from about 1900 to 1920 the Rockefeller’s, both Senior and Junior, started working on serious plans to take over the educational system, the medical system, all the medical schools and research schools. This was all done in the name of so-called philanthropy, but was really designed to act as a method of distributing the chemical pharmaceutical drugs that his companies produced. Rockefeller had already decided to take control of the physicians of America and use them as distributors for his pharmaceutical drugs. One thing Rockefeller Senior had always done in his past business dealings was to take total control away from others and give it to himself. To his way of thinking, buying or taking over a medical school or university was no different from taking over any other business.

Rockefeller Senior showed Junior just how easy it was to take over the entire medical system in the United States, and that is exactly what happened. Rockefeller Senior set up the Educational Fund, later to be named the Rockefeller Foundation (established in 1913) and they gave money to the various educational institutions in the form of a conditional grant. This means that if a medical school or university accepted conditional grant money offered by the Rockefeller Foundation, there were strings attached. Those strings basically gave control of the school to the Rockefeller’s. Rockefeller Senior was not the type of person to twist arms to get his way. The use of force was not his style, to the best I can determine. While Rockefeller Senior often resorted to crooked and unethical business practices to bilk his competitors, he did not use force to get control of a business or industry. Instead Senior used shrewd intelligence, secrecy and the practice of dangling a lot of money (like a payoff) in front of the people who could make the decision to give up control of their educational institution to the Rockefeller’s.

The Rockefeller tactics usually worked, whether in the business world or the world of academics, it did not matter, because people still reacted to money in the same way. Senior expended huge sums of money buying out medical schools, universities and especially research schools, but to Rockefeller, the money was just a drop in the bucket. The purpose of taking over the medical schools was so that the Rockefeller’s could now insist that physicians be trained to only prescribe the use of chemical pharmaceutical drugs for their patients. Any teaching of naturopathy, the use of medicinal plants to treat illnesses, was to be viewed as quackery. Any teaching of nutrition, holistic medicine, or the prescribing of healing and medicinal herbs/plants was not allowed. The ultimate goal of this strategy was to be able to control what physicians were allowed to do, or not do. If a physician stepped out of line and did anything that was not approved by the Rockefeller medical doctrine, the physician lost his license to practice medicine. If the physician followed the Rockefeller rules, they would be financially rewarded through money.

In the case of colleges and universities that were not necessarily related to medical teaching, they got money too. The roster of universities and colleges that have received Rockefeller money includes the leading Ivy League schools. The Rockefeller’s pretty much built the University of Chicago, as well as other schools, too numerous to mention. Rockefeller wanted to be able to utilize these schools to teach students the Rockefeller doctrine of global economic development. To Rockefeller Senior, the schools were just more businesses to be added to his empire, and would pay results by benefiting the Rockefeller business interests. A little historical footnote about the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as the Carnegie Foundation which is actually funded by Rockefeller money follows. Back in 1954 a congressional committee called the Reese committee was convened to investigate tax exempt Foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation. The investigation found a lot of wrongdoing on the part of these Foundations and was critical of how they operated. When the results of the investigation were released to the public, Carol Reese, the man who was in charge of the investigation, was slandered and attacked by the Rockefeller controlled media.

Another project that the Rockefeller’s were working on was narcotic control (opium) in order to insure their monopoly on the medical system. Rockefeller Senior must have known that the person who can decide who gets to use narcotics and who cannot is the person who controls the entire medical system. Without narcotics, doctors cannot practice medicine, and hospitals cannot treat patients in pain or perform surgical procedures. Without narcotics people suffering terrible pain cannot find relief. Narcotics are a necessity to any medical system. Rockefeller Senior and Junior used a variety of methods to corner the market and control narcotics. One of these tactics was to hide behind sacred cows to achieve business goals. Sacred cows such as religion, church groups and missionaries. I am not sure if it was Senior or Junior who thought up the idea to use missionaries to beat the drum for prohibition of narcotics, but that was one of their tactics. The missionaries carefully chosen by the Rockefeller’s were reportedly Baptist fundamentalist types who were more interested in stirring up trouble for people who used narcotics than spreading the word of the Lord Jesus Christ. The missionaries in China were always trying to get laws passed which punished those Chinese citizens who used narcotics. In 1909 Rockefeller, using his missionaries convened the first commission on international narcotics, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, and held in Shanghai, China.

In 1912 another international opium conference, with the same group of missionaries was held, and was called the International Opium Convention. Those countries who attended this convention agreed to be bound by the rules of the convention, which committed this country to work toward the control of all narcotics worldwide. Later, this same group of prohibitionist minded missionary types would also comprise the first narcotics board on the League of Nations, created by the Rockefeller’s around 1920. I believe that Rockefeller Senior was planning on doing in China what he was also doing in the United States, and that was to get a monopoly of the Chinese medical system. The Rockefeller business strategy for China was to force the Chinese people off of their traditional herbal medicines and on to Rockefeller chemical pharmaceutical drugs. Rockefeller missionaries were agitating for opium prohibition in China, same as in America. I believe that Senior planned to eventually get laws changed in China, making the conversion easier. Senior and Junior built a huge medical school and hospital in China. The medical school would have produced the so-called medical experts needed to convince government to change laws to favor Rockefeller pharmaceutical sales. I believe that none of these things ever came to fruition, but not because the Rockefeller’s did not try. Between a war in China and the Communists coming to power in China, western businessmen were no longer welcome in the country, thus removing any further hope of doing business in the Chinese market for the Rockefeller’s. There is much more I could write about the Rockefeller habit of using intolerant religious groups to carry out the Rockefeller prohibition agenda. Before researching this paper I did not know that the Rockefeller’s actually created their own church and used it to push public acceptance for the League of Nations, which Rockefeller Junior was instrumental in creating. This organization was created in order to protect the Rockefeller rapidly growing global empire. Enter (Inter-church World Movement and Rockefeller) into a search engine and find all kinds of information on this subject.

The year 1913 brought bad publicity for Rockefeller Junior because of his role in what is now known as the Ludlow Massacre. The Ludlow Massacre occurred at a coal mine in Colorado where many striking miners had already been killed in this long strike. It got national attention when 20 women and children were killed in a strike related explosion. It was believed that the victims had been killed by strike-breakers, allegedly hired by Junior to end the long running strike. Since Junior owned the mines and sat on the board of directors and knew what was happening, he got blamed. In addition to the strike breakers being involved in this tragic event, it seems that the National Guard had also been called out to protect the financial interest of the owners of the mines. The women and children had been blown up, with many of the victims dying from burns. This tragedy caused the public to be very angry and people demanded an investigation. According to reports I have read of this tragedy, this experience supposedly had a great impact on Junior. He said he was a changed man and he promised to do nothing but good work from then on out, after having gone through such a terrible experience. He was allegedly a changed man, showing apparent contriteness. But as time would prove years later down the road, Junior might talk the good talk, but he sure did not walk the good walk. Junior would demonstrate in later years that resorting to the use of violence was his favorite tactic to get his way.

By 1914 the Rockefeller’s pretty much controlled the political process in the United States. They pushed for control of narcotics and got the Harrison Narcotic Act passed, which was the first of many laws concerning the control of opium and narcotics. The Rockefeller’s, with the help of their so-called medical experts doing their bidding, waged a scare campaign against the use of opium/narcotics. They portrayed people who used narcotics as sinners and bad people who should be punished. The Rockefeller’s also brought the prohibitionist minded and intolerant missionaries into his propaganda campaign against narcotics. These were the same missionaries that later sat on his international narcotic commission and would later become part of the League of Nations. The laws that were passed by Rockefeller allies greatly helped the Rockefeller’s secure their medical monopoly and put the control of narcotics squarely in their hands. They created federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which was just one among the many government agencies they controlled. They financed politicians to run for office and had a lot of money to spread around. Although the Rockefeller’s are more associated with the Republican Party, they also funded other political parties and candidates too. Many Democrats were Rockefeller allies also. There is much information about this subject on the Internet. Using a search engine, look for (pharmaceutical companies, Rockefeller) or (drug companies, Rockefeller). You will be amazed at all the information.

The fact that prior to 1914 before the passage of the Harrison Narcotic Act, people could purchase narcotics (opiates) without a doctor’s prescription which gave the population the freedom to treat their own aches and pains. Once this law was passed, people would be forced to seek a doctor (the Pharma distribution system) before finding pain relief. Patients often found that doctors were reluctant to give narcotics, but freely prescribed Pharma drugs instead. People had to pay the doctor for his time, and many could not afford to pay, and thus suffered in silence.

The creation of the League of Nations in 1919 was the result of the Rockefeller efforts with the help of some of their wealthy allies. I do not want to focus too much on detail about its creation, because an entire book could be written about just this subject alone. However, it is important to know some information about the League of Nations, because it is so crucial in understanding the planning and implementation of the global war on drugs. The war on drugs, which has brought so much misery and bloodshed throughout the world, is waged to protect the profits of the chemically based pharmaceutical companies which are owned by the Rockefeller’s. Furthermore, the war on drugs helps the Rockefeller’s maintain their monopolistic control on the United States medical system as well as the medical systems of other countries throughout the world.

Around 1915 a group of wealthy New York state tycoons, led by the Rockefeller’s, got together to create a worldwide organization designed to protect the Rockefeller financial global empire. This organization would become the League of Nations. Woodrow Wilson, who happened to be the President during this time, was to be the Rockefeller pitch man for their scheme. Wilson presented to the public his famous Fourteen Points speech, which basically explained to the public what a good idea this concept of a League of Nations was. The Fourteen Points Speech was to be an introduction to the public about the concept of the League of Nations. Nowhere in the Wilson Fourteen Points is there ever any mention of drug prohibition. I know this because I looked specifically for any reference to drugs and could not find any. Not a word about drugs. Yet as soon as the League of Nations was formed a narcotics commission was immediately created concerning this very matter of drug prohibition. Remember the missionaries mentioned previously who sat on the International Narcotic Commission meetings back in 1909 and 1912 in Shanghai, China. This was the so-called missionary group chosen by Rockefeller and these meetings were sponsored by the U.S. State Department. This is the same group of missionaries that now would sit on the narcotic commission of the newly formed League of Nations.

So the questions to be asked about President Woodrow Wilson are these: When he presented his Fourteen Points speech to the public, was he trying to deliberately mislead the public by lying by omission, or did he honestly not know what the Rockefeller’s were really doing and he was not aware of the deception. In either case, the public was deceived about the real agenda of the League of Nations.

During the few years following the decision to start the League of Nations, much political maneuvering went on and there was much controversy on the matter. Some people believed that if the United States joined the League of Nations, that the United States would lose its autonomy. If you research this subject, you will discover that the terms agreed to by those countries that did join the League of Nations show that they did have to give up a lot of their own sovereign rights to the organization. Remember the old fake South Improvement Company that Rockefeller Senior often used in the early days of building the Standard Oil monopoly. Rockefeller used this fake company in order to hide his identity and true intentions in order to ensnare and bilk his fellow competitors out of their businesses. Senior had used this fake company to get people to sign away their business rights to him. A country signing on to the League of Nations pretty much agreed to sign away much of their autonomy, just like the competitors used to do when they would sign away their rights to the South Improvement Company without realizing what they were doing.

The League of Nations officially came into existence with the signing of the Versailles Peace Treaty in 1919, but the date of 1920 is the year given when the League of Nations began its operations from Geneva, Switzerland. The Treaty of Versailles officially ended World War I. The Rockefeller original plan was that once the Peace Treaty was signed, which authorized the creation of the League of Nations to begin with, the United States would automatically become a member of the League of Nations, subject to its rules. However the original provision that automatically made the United States a member of the League of Nations upon signing of the treaty was changed. The reason the provision got changed was when Andrew Mellon (1855 to 1937), a Pittsburgh banker, industrialist, and an honorable man along with some of his wealthy friends insisted that the Senate first approve or ratify the entry of the United States into the League of Nations before it would be allowed to happen. This requirement for Senate approval foiled the original Rockefeller plans for the United States automatic entry into the League. To make matters worse for the Rockefellers, the Senate refused to approve the U.S. entry into the League, and it would be years before the U.S. would be officially admitted to the organization. I do not know if the Rockefellers actually knew that it was Andrew Mellon and his friends who prevented the automatic entry of the U S into the League, but I believe the Rockefellers must have known, but just could not stop Mellon and his friends from throwing up this particular obstacle. It should be noted that Mellon, who owned the Gulf Oil Company was a rival of the Rockefellers, both in business and politics, despite the fact they were both Republicans. Andrew Mellon would later also serve his country as The Secretary of the Treasury. During the Andrew Mellon years in government, and even after he retired from government service, the Rockefeller allies persecuted Mellon. This information about Andrew Mellon can be found in an Andrew Mellon biography written by David Cannadine.

Though the United States at that time (1920), did not officially join the League of Nations, that did not stop the Rockefellers. Unofficially the Rockefellers acted as if the U.S. entry into the League was already a done deal. The U.S. government acted the same way and cooperated fully with the new Rockefeller organization. The reason the Rockefellers and the government acted this way is because the Rockefellers by now controlled most of the U.S. government.

During the time from 1917 through about 1919 when all this drama and publicity was going on with the League of Nations, another issue was looming on the horizon. This is when alcohol prohibition started to rear its ugly head. The Rockefellers were the biggest instigators of alcohol prohibition of anyone. They spread huge sums of money to various temperance groups and churches to stir the waters of prohibition fever. Without the Rockefellers pushing for prohibition of alcohol, there would have never been prohibition in the first place. Neither Senior nor Junior drank alcohol. So why did the Rockefellers do it? That is the big question, why did they do it and why did they choose that particular time in history to do it? Senior must have taught Junior by now that you do not embark on a campaign like this without a good business reason to do it. By making Alcohol prohibition a moral issue the Rockefellers could hide their true intentions.

Prohibition of alcohol (1920 to 1933), known as the Volstead Act, really did not ban all alcohol, just alcohol made from using a distillation process. According to my research on this subject, during prohibition people were actually allowed to make up to 200 gallons of homemade wine (which is fermented, not distilled) per person per year. That is a lot of wine, and wine can get you just as drunk as distilled liquor can. So why was only distilled liquor, including beer, which is also distilled, banned? According to the law back then, a person could make up to 200 gallons of wine every year, yet were not allowed to have a back yard still to make even a drop of alcohol. It seems very contradictory and I have a theory about alcohol prohibition.

My theory is that implementing the Volstead Act was the only way that The Rockefellers could prevent Henry Ford from starting his ethanol/hemp fuel industries, which Henry was determined to do. Rockefeller Senior had always disliked any kind of competition from anyone at anytime. Senior had a great aversion to any kind of competition and always believed that anyone competing with his businesses had to be defeated. He hated anyone making money on his petroleum products and believed all profits should go to him and took over many other businesses because of this attitude. For example if a chemical company, which depends on petroleum products, was making a product such as drugs, Senior would be driven to take over their business and make the product himself. Senior was obsessed with creating vast monopolies and was a man driven to own everything he could get his hands on. Old Rockefeller Senior just could not stand any other businesses that would take away from his vast oil profits, which ethanol would have done. That is why I have concluded that Rockefeller Senior was the one who pushed for alcohol prohibition. Junior helped his father to implement prohibition, but I think the plan for alcohol prohibition was an old Rockefeller Senior idea from the very beginning. In my opinion, Junior was not smart enough to figure this scheme out on his own, but his father, old Senior, was certainly capable of getting this accomplished.

Henry Ford built his early automobiles to run on hemp/marijuana fuel. Hemp was the plant of choice for Henry because the Hemp plant makes far more fuel than any plant known at that time. Henry made Hemp fuel (ethanol) from his own distillery located on his property and sold it to local customers living near his auto plant. Henry also taught people how to make hemp fuel to run their cars, using a simple backyard still or even a car radiator to make the fuel. Henry was especially happy to teach farmers how to make fuel to run their tractors and other farm equipment. Hemp fuel, like other plant fuels burns clean and has no harmful additives. Modern race car drivers use ethanol in their high performance cars because ethanol is a high performance fuel. Ethanol can be mixed with regular gasoline to improve the octane rating of the gasoline which also helps stops engine pinging.

In the early days when Ford cars were starting to roll off the assembly line, there were no gas stations around. Henry had to be able to tell people about hemp fuel so they could run their cars. Eventually, when enough cars were being driven on the road, the gas stations started to appear and these early gas stations began to make a lot of money selling gasoline for all the additional cars. Henry wanted to start an industrial business making hemp fuel for cars. He wanted to build distilleries all around the country and turn hemp into fuel. Every time Henry would try to get his business off the ground, the government would stop him with some excuse or another. During alcohol prohibition, Henry asked the government if he could re open some of the closed beer breweries to make hemp fuel, and each time the government turned him down. Eventually Henry Ford grew old and his idea for a hemp fuel industry faded from the scene. Once that happened there was no longer a need for alcohol prohibition, because the Ford ethanol industry was no longer a threat to the Rockefeller gasoline sales, so prohibition finally ended.

Unlike the prohibition of other drugs, which was pushed worldwide by the Rockefellers, the prohibition of alcohol was specific to the United States only. There was no effort by the Rockefellers to push alcohol prohibition elsewhere in the world. However, since the Ford ethanol industries were limited to the United States, there would have been no purpose in pushing alcohol prohibition elsewhere in the world. Anyone who is interested in reading more about Henry Ford and hemp fuel can do an Internet search using (Henry Ford, ethanol) and (Henry Ford, hemp) in your search engine and see what you can find about this subject.

The prohibition of alcohol lasted for thirteen long and violent years. We all know about the gangsters who were being killed during these turbulent times. Many thousands of innocent people were also killed during this time. Many of those killed were innocent bystanders who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Prohibition of alcohol began at about the same time that the League of Nations was formed. The Rockefellers also discontinued their use of missionary groups as a front for their financial interests, because there was no more use for them. Now that the Rockefellers had the League of Nations, they had their own personal sacred cow that they could hide behind; the League. Prohibition eventually would come to an end and when President Franklin Roosevelt (1882 to 1945) ended prohibition in 1933 the nation breathed a sigh of relief. However the wretched violence that alcohol prohibition produced would soon be repeated. New violence and bloodshed were soon coming with the prohibition of marijuana.

In 1930 the League of Nations put marijuana on their list of prohibited plants and began a worldwide campaign of its eradication. The League claimed that marijuana was harmful and was an addictive type of narcotic, which was as far from the truth as anything can be. Nevertheless, Junior wanted marijuana gone. Marijuana, also known as cannabis was too much of a threat to the Rockefeller chemically based pharmaceutical companies, which use oil byproducts to make their chemical drugs. The Rockefellers knew that medical cannabis was a huge financial threat to their monopoly profits on pharmaceutical drugs and they knew this beneficial plant had to be eliminated because of the competitive threat. A devious plan was hatched that was truly insidious in nature. A propaganda plan was devised which was called the Reefer Madness campaign to brainwash people about a medicinal plant. How the devious plotters accomplished this most horrid of schemes truly reveals the deceptive nature of those involved in this plot and the enormity of their lies. By 1930 when strategies began to be put in place about the propaganda campaign to prohibit cannabis marijuana Rockefeller Senior was getting old. How aware old Senior may have been about what was happening around him is hard to say, but I would guess that when the Reefer Madness campaign was planned, it was more a Junior scheme and not Senior.

Before I begin to unravel the mystery and deception which surrounds cannabis prohibition, it is important to understand the truth about the benefits of medical marijuana. The Reefer Madness propaganda campaign that was launched by Rockefeller Junior and his associates, beginning around 1930, was truly a shameful chapter in history. The brainwashing strategies used by Junior and his associates to get cannabis/marijuana prohibited was so corrupt and deceitful that it defies belief that they were even able to get away with telling such colossal lies, but they did get away with it. It is important to know what is true and what is not true, or people with hidden and crooked agendas will lie to you and you will never know it. Rockefeller Junior did exploit people with his lies, so it is crucial to know the truth about medical marijuana before proceeding.

The prohibition of marijuana is based on the fact that medical cannabis is about the best natural medicine known to man. It is one of the safest medicines available. Cannabis has an excellent safety record going back thousands of years and has never killed anyone. That is certainly more than one can say about the chemically produced pharmaceutical drugs, which kill many tens of thousands of people every year. Prior to 1937, before marijuana was prohibited you could find cannabis mixed with various different brand name medicines in liquid form for a variety of ailments. Medicines designed to treat migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, backaches, painful muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal, seizures and nervous conditions to name just a few of the many medical uses of cannabis. It was a very commonplace and widely accepted medicine that people could just buy off of the drugstore shelf when needed. No one had to smoke cannabis to benefit from its beneficial properties; they just bought the liquid medicine from the drugstore and took a spoonful when needed.

In recent years, going back to at least 1974 the government knew that cannabis researchers at the Medical College of Virginia had discovered while researching cannabis influence on the immune system that cannabis contains powerful cancer fighting properties. When the Virginia studies were done, and the government DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) heard about this research, they stopped the Virginia research program, shut the program down, and suppressed this research information. Nearly thirty years later in 2000 researchers in Madrid, Spain came to the same conclusion as that reached by the 1974 Virginia researchers. Both of these outstanding research studies found that cannabis fights cancer. The United States government tries their best to bury this type of information because it exposes the government attempt to deceive the public about marijuana. Research institutions in the United States are not allowed to do research using cannabis/marijuana unless it is government approved research. The government urges and guides its own researchers to find something wrong with marijuana and they are the only ones that are allowed to do research on the plant. To date the government, despite their desire to find something bad about marijuana cannot find anything negative to say about the plant, because it is so safe, so they make up lies to indicate otherwise to justify prohibition of cannabis/marijuana. However the government propaganda to falsely portray cannabis in a negative light always fails.

To date the government, despite their desire to find something bad about marijuana cannot find anything negative to say about the plant, because it is so safe, so they make up lies to indicate otherwise to justify prohibition of cannabis/marijuana. However despite the government propaganda to falsely portray cannabis in a negative light, slowly but surely the truth keeps coming forward. For example, just a few years ago, the Scripps Research institute in California discovered that cannabis also prevents the progression of Alzheimers disease. Also research has found that cannabis is a neuron protector, meaning it protects the brain, especially from certain neurological conditions. Meanwhile the Federal government Food and Drug Administration (FDA), controlled by the Rockefellers, claimed stance on cannabis/marijuana is that it has no medicinal value.

For an excellent book on Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis read The Emperor Has No Clothes, written by Jack Herer, which can be found free on the Internet. Anyone wanting to know more about medicinal cannabis/marijuana can do an Internet search on this subject, since there is a lot of helpful information, especially for sick people.

In 1930 when the League of Nations decided to prohibit cannabis/marijuana on a worldwide basis, the United States was still technically not a member of the League. Since the Senate had never ratified U.S. entry into the League, the U.S. was not bound by League rules like the countries that had already joined were bound. Rockefeller Junior needed to make U.S. law in accordance with League of Nations edicts and he soon started working on changing U.S. law. Junior had an agent, working in the government and his name was Harry Anslinger (1892 to 1975). Harry was one of the most crucial tools that Rockefeller Junior had in his arsenal of brainwashing strategies because Harry was a master at lying. Harry also would be used to organize the use of law enforcement so that the police would be the ones who would end up enforcing the laws that protected the Rockefeller chemically based pharmaceutical big profits. Rockefeller Junior hid behind the scenes while Harry did his dirty work at which Harry excelled.

Unlike narcotics, cannabis was not a necessity to the Rockefeller controlled medical system and therefore was prohibited altogether. The reason for this is because being a plant, cannabis could not be patented for exclusive Rockefeller use. Since the Rockefellers could not have an exclusive monopoly on cannabis, nor was it a necessity, they would prohibit the plant altogether. In other words if the Rockefellers could not monopolize this plant, then they would forbid anyone else from using it.

Harry Anslinger was born in Pennsylvania of working class parents. Harry dropped out of high school and never completed his formal education. It is reported that Harry did take a few college classes at a local junior college before finding a job with the Pennsylvania Railroad. His rise in the company was meteoric. In 1915, at the age of 23, he was given the job of the Chief of Police of the Pennsylvania Railroad. This new and high level job was a huge one because the railroad was so large and vast, and employed many police and detectives. Harry was put in charge of it all. Who elevated Harry to such a high position when he was of such a young and inexperienced age? Someone with power in high places had to have helped Harry get promoted at such an early age, and to such a high position in the railroads. I cannot prove that Rockefeller Junior was behind his early career success. However, I can prove that Harry, during his long government career was given a lot of power, rewards and promotions and that would not have happened if John Rockefeller Junior was not supporting Harry. I can prove that Harry had a close and corrupting relationship to the pharmaceutical companies, which were owned by the Rockefellers. I can prove that Harry had close and loyal ties to the League of Nations narcotics commission which was in charge of drug enforcement as early as 1925.

During World War I, it seems that Harry sat on some sort of military ordinance board, but it appears that he never saw action on the battlefield. After the war, Harry did not return to his Police Chief Job at the railroad. Beginning in the early 1920s, it appears that Harry worked in some sort of diplomatic capacity for the U.S. State Department traveling to various countries, such as Germany, Venezuela and others. In the mid 1920s Harry seemed to be, engaged in some alcohol and narcotics interdiction for the government, working off of the Florida coast. Harry also had connections to the League of Nations and during this time sat on the Narcotic commission of the League where he worked on strategy to get Marijuana prohibited worldwide.

In 1930, President Herbert Hoover, a big Rockefeller supporter, appointed Harry to head a Federal Narcotics Department created specifically for Harry. His new job was in the U.S. Treasury Department, but the Treasury Department head had no power or say so over anything Harry did. In fact, no one in government had any power over Harry. Harry basically was given power to say and do anything he wanted and no one could stop him. This was because his Federal Bureau of Narcotics Department was created to be independent. Harry did not answer to anyone except for Rockefeller Junior who was his real boss.

Harry’s sole authority to dispense narcotics licenses to doctors, hospitals, and clinics gave him tremendous power over the medical system.

Harry planned to fool the public by referring to cannabis as marijuana, rather than the proper word cannabis. Most people were not familiar with the word marijuana. They knew it as cannabis instead and Harry knew this. The word marijuana was an obscure slang word for the plant used by sailors coming into New Orleans ports. The slang word was originally coined by Spanish-speaking sailors who enjoyed smoking the medicinal buds for rest and recreation. The term marijuana was also used by black jazz musicians, who enjoyed the practice of smoking the marijuana buds. Outside of this specific circle of people in New Orleans, no one else was familiar with this word marijuana. That is why Harry always referred to cannabis as marijuana in order to deceive people as to what he was really trying to ban. Harry needed to perpetuate this lie so people would not know that cannabis was the same as marijuana, because everyone knew that cannabis did not make anyone crazy.

Harry was notorious for being a racist who liked to persecute people of color. When I read anything about Harry, I am struck by how much he sounded like a Ku Klux Klan member. This should not be surprising. For a period of years during the 1920s and 1930s many in the government were members of this frightening cult.

Beginning in the mid-1930s, Harry rolled out his campaign to prohibit cannabis/marijuana. His strategy was to convince people that this wonderful and safe natural medicine would drive you crazy if you used it. No lie was too big for Harry, a pathological liar.

Harry kicked off his Reefer-Madness campaign beginning around 1934 to 1935 with an orchestrated newspaper campaign enlisting the help of William Randolph Hearst (1863 to 1951) who ran a chain of newspapers which were tabloid in nature. Hearst had never earned any money of his own. He inherited all of his wealth, which he would soon squander, from his parents. His newspapers had a reputation for using lurid details and sensationalism when printing their stories. His newspapers, despite being so well-known, were not good income producers and he had to subsidize his newspapers from other inherited assets. Hearst lived like a playboy and had a weakness for showgirls and starlets, whom he would marry and then divorce.

Hearst was a poor business manager and spent his money as if he had unlimited wealth, which he did not. He had taken out bank loans to help maintain his lavish lifestyle and to build his castle in California. Soon he was on the verge of bankruptcy. During the depression he was so broke that he was reduced to pawning the jewelry of his girlfriend for extra cash. This information can be found on the Internet Movie Data Base.

This was the state of affairs when Harry Anslinger enlisted the aid of Hearst to do a newspaper propaganda campaign of hate and lies to scare people about using marijuana. During the 1930s the Hearst newspapers began to print reports of sensational and bloodthirsty crimes by people going on senseless killing sprees. The newspaper would allege that the killer was using marijuana. The Hearst newspapers kept up a steady deluge of hateful lies and propaganda during the mid-30s designed to convince people that marijuana would cause you to go berserk and murder others. Harry often used these inflammatory newspaper stories when going before congress, where he would read the newspaper lies verbatim as part of his testimony on marijuana. His whole goal was to portray people, both African-American citizens, and Mexican citizens who used marijuana as out of control maniacs. Hate mongering was a Harry specialty.

In addition to being a racist bigot, Harry also had a killer mentality. On more than one occasion Harry had stated that he wanted to see all drug dealers executed and he wanted to be the one who would perform the execution.

Harry was also responsible for making films like Reefer Madness (1936), which is about a group of naive high school and college students who experiment with marijuana and then supposedly go crazy. One of the students commits suicide and the other one has to be put away in a mental institution because allegedly marijuana destroyed his mind. This propaganda film of government deceit and deception was poorly made, poorly acted and poorly directed. Reefer Madness was your classic government brainwashing film. The message of this ridiculous, pathetic and poorly made brainwashing film was that one puff from a marijuana cigarette (reefer) made you addicted for life and headed you down the path of crime and ruin. Harry especially targeted parents for his scare tactics, frightening them into thinking that the lives of their children were in jeopardy if they smoked even one reefer. Back during the 1960s the film was discovered sitting in some old film archives and was redistributed to be shown in art theaters and college campus theaters throughout the country. College students who viewed the film found it to be hilariously funny because of its absurdly false depiction of marijuana users. It is easy to spoof the film because people now know that the film is as absurdly false, misleading and deceptive as can be.

This film is so false as to be almost like a cartoon and so comical that it is hard to believe that people would actually believe such nonsense. This is because students today know that marijuana does not cause people to do what the film claims it does. However, back in the 1930s this was a film made to make people believe the pathetic and dangerous lies that the government was telling about marijuana. Soon the film became a cult classic. Anyone who wants to view the film can do a search on the Internet for Reefer Madness, where the film can be viewed for free.

Harry was also known be envious of black jazz musicians and would plot from time to time to round them all up and arrest them because they were known to smoke marijuana. Jazz music is very advanced music and anyone who has ever played the piano or any other musical instrument knows that not all musicians can master the art of jazz which requires much improvising of musical chords and scale progression. Jazz, at least in the musical world, is considered advanced music and you must have a lot of musical talent to be able to play it with style. Harry hated jazz musicians because they were talented and used marijuana. He also did not like jazz musicians because they were black, and Harry, racist that he was, could not stand the fact that jazz musicians were so talented. Harry labeled jazz music as satanic music because he was a rabid racist who was so envious of really talented people who happened to be black.

After a period of bombarding the public with these racist and scurrilous lies about marijuana and the people who used it, Harry manipulated the passing of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act (which was actually a prohibition bill) through congress using the most underhanded and deceptive means available. There were no real hearings on the subject of marijuana prohibition. There was a brief fake hearing which Harry controlled completely. During this brief fake hearing, which Harry was conducting, who should appear but Dr. William Woodward, who was both a physician and a lawyer, and also President of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Woodward was not an invited guest to the fake hearing because the hearing was all being done in a very secretive manner. Harry did not want the doctor to be there because Harry knew that Dr. Woodward was opposed to what Harry was doing. Dr. Woodward had only found out about the fake committee meeting the day before and had rushed off to Washington in order to testify at the fake Harry hearing, only to find he was not welcomed.

Dr. Woodward asked Harry why he was hiding what he was doing by holding these secretive hearings. Dr. Woodward also asked Harry why they were calling cannabis marijuana. Dr. Woodward explained that no one knew what Harry was talking about when Harry used the word marijuana instead of using the word cannabis. Dr. Woodward also told the fake committee that cannabis caused no harm, it was safe, and it was not addictive. When Dr. Woodward started speaking, the fake committee started to argue with Dr. Woodward. They told him he was not wanted there and asked him why did he not just leave. The committee told the doctor they did not need him.

A few weeks after Harry held his fake committee hearings, he sneaked the bill through congress. On a Friday evening, when everyone had gone for the day, Harry and a few of his cronies slipped the bill through congress. Two questions were asked about the bill. The first question asked of his cronies was how did the America Medical Association (AMA) feel about the bill? These cronies of Harry assured the questioner that the AMA was in support of the bill, which of course was a lie. The second question asked was if this marijuana was addictive and the cronies said yes it is addictive (another big lie). The bill was never even actually put to a vote but was passed by some sort of parliamentary rule that pretty much gave the bill a pass, without an actual vote. There is a lot of information about Harry Anslinger on the Internet, as well as the shady tactics used by Harry to get the bill passed into law. The senate never voted on the bill, but somehow it found its way to the desk of President Franklin Roosevelt and was signed into law in August of 1937.

President Roosevelt was a Rockefeller supporter and ally and he was a big supporter of the League of Nations, so that will tell you whose side Roosevelt was on. For an in-depth look at the Rockefeller influence on Roosevelt please read Franklin Delano Roosevelt, My Exploited Father-in-Law by Curtis B. Dall.

Roosevelt had ties to New York State politics, as did the Rockefellers. President Roosevelt came from wealth, same as the Rockefellers, and both Rockefeller Junior and Roosevelt were considered the upper echelon of New York society.  Old Rockefeller Senior had never been one to socialize, preferring instead to remain in the background and out of sight, but Junior loved the social life, the parties, and events. When Harry was doing his Reefer Madness campaign, Senior was in his 90s and probably not involved in the family business any longer. Senior died the year the Marijuana Tax Act was passed.

After the bill was passed, Dr. Woodward of the AMA was unhappy about its passage, and started criticizing Harry and the deception that Harry had practiced. Although a physician in a system controlled by the Rockefellers (he most likely did not know the extent of the Rockefellers control over the doctors and the role Harry played in it), Dr. Woodward still spoke out about how dishonest Harry was.  This is when the vengeful Harry started his reign of terror against the doctors of America who belonged to the AMA. Harry began to arrest physicians all over the country on trumped up narcotic charges.  Harry let the word get back to Woodward that the arrests would continue until Woodward stopped publicly accusing Harry of being dishonest. The number of physicians arrested by Harry in the 1930s is hard to say.  I have seen numbers as low as ten thousand doctors and other numbers much higher indicating that it was closer to thirty thousand doctors when the reign of terror was finished. 
Harry had consolidated the police departments in the country so that they would be the primary enforcers for the protection of the Rockefeller pharmaceutical companies against competitive drugs. This enforcement would be paid for by the taxpayers. Harry never had any trouble getting any kind of government funding and he got whatever money he wanted for law enforcement. 
There is much written that describes the relationship between Harry and the Rockefeller pharmaceutical companies and it can easily be found by an Internet search using (pharmaceutical companies, Harry Anslinger). Harry would often attend congressional hearings flanked by his so called experts from the pharmaceutical companies, and whatever lie Harry would tell, they would go along with it. The pharmaceutical companies owned by the Rockefellers were yes men for Harry. They would say yes to whatever Harry said, in order to back up his lies.  Harry was also known to just make up any fake numbers and fake statistics he wanted in order to feed congress and make his Narcotics Bureau look like it was doing better than it actually was doing. 

The years passed and Harry, always up to no good, continued to work on making more punitive laws for those who used Marijuana, as well as other illegal drugs. Harry would always have a close relationship with the narcotic board of the League of Nations.

During World War II, it came to the attention of the US Government that Junior was selling petroleum to the Nazis. The German subs that sank allied ships were run on fuel supplied by Standard Oil.  The German planes that bombed London could never have left the ground without a leaded fuel additive developed by Standard Oil. It was Rockefeller wealth and oil that aided the build-up of the Nazi war machine which led to the genocidal murder of millions of European Jews. The Farben chemical company in Germany (drugs, synthetic fuels, etc.) was majority owned and controlled by Junior. It was Farben that used slave labor from concentration camps. Junior also funded the Nazi doctor and war criminal Josep Mengele to conduct gruesome, evil, and depraved medical atrocities on Jews, especially on helpless children. In other words, Junior was a supporter and an ally of Adolf Hitler. The US Government cited Standard Oil twice for violations for selling oil to the Nazis, but the Government did not do anything else to stop Junior from selling oil to the enemy. These actions by Junior were an open secret to the US Government and must have opened the eyes of President Roosevelt to the true and evil nature of the treasonous acts by Junior.

Meanwhile in the United States efforts were being made to debunk the Harry Anslinger reefer madness lies. 
It should be noted that Mayor LaGuardia and President Franklin Roosevelt were political allies and supporters of each-other. It is easy to conclude that the LaGuardia report was secretly backed by President Roosevelt, and was his way of debunking Harry Anslinger.
The LaGuardia Report published in the mid-1940s challenged lies by Harry. Fiorello LaGuardia (1882 to 1947), a paradigm of honesty and in-corruptibility, was the Mayor of New York City who organized this landmark research study. Mayor LaGuardia assembled a group of law enforcement, social workers, scientists, physicians, academics and many others to study the marijuana issue. The conclusion of this study said that Marijuana was safe and should be made legal. Harry hated the report and was critical of it, but for the most part, this report was pretty much ignored by the Rockefeller owned media. The reason nothing was done to further legalization efforts was because Roosevelt died the same year the LaGuardia report was published.   

After the war, the League of Nations was given a new name and location. The League was renamed the United Nations, and its headquarters moved from Geneva Switzerland to New York City. During the 1950s Harry did much work with the CIA (Rockefeller controlled) and the military on secret drug experiments code-named MK-ULTRA. This was a secret program using mind altering drugs developed by the pharmaceutical companies to study the science of mind control. These experiments were done on people without their knowledge or permission. These experiments resulted in people dying mysteriously, but it was all top secret so no-one knew.
Rockefeller Junior died in 1960 and Harry lost his long time benefactor. However another Rockefeller was emerging on the scene that had as fanatical a devotion to the drug war as Rockefeller Junior had ever had. This man was Nelson Rockefeller (1908 to 1979). Nelson Rockefeller was a son of Rockefeller Junior. The tract of land in New York City that the United Nations building was built upon was land donated by Nelson Rockefeller. Nelson Rockefeller would later become Governor of New York state from 1959 to 1973. Nelson was also the one, when he was governor, who implemented the horribly harsh and draconian Rockefeller drug laws for the residents of New York State, which require harsh mandatory prison sentences for people who are found in possession of illegal drugs, and with especially harsh punishment for marijuana violations.  Nelson Rockefeller did this to protect the family fortune, and when people were persecuted by these bad laws he certainly did not care.

No president ever stood up to Harry Anslinger except President John Kennedy (1917 to 1963). One report I read said that when Kennedy first became president, he heard a tape recording of Harry ranting and raving over marijuana, and Kennedy said this guy has to go. Harry would soon give President Kennedy the justification to force Harry to retire. It seems that a college professor friend of Kennedy, a man by the name of Alfred Lindsmith wrote a book about the war on drugs called, The Addict and the Law. In his book, Professor Lindsmith was critical of the war on drugs and wanted to see it end. The professor advocated that people who use drugs not be treated like criminals. Harry tried to censor the book because it went against all the lies that Harry used when he would badmouth marijuana. When Kennedy found out that Harry was attempting to censor the book by the professor, Kennedy asked Harry to stop what he was doing.  Harry refused to stop his censorship efforts against the Lindsmith book. Therefore Kennedy fired Harry for insubordination. Officially, it was announced that Harry was retiring, but the facts indicate that Kennedy actually forced Harry to retire, or in effect firing him for his refusal to obey Kennedy. 
There are a number of reports that state that President Kennedy was using Marijuana for the painful muscle spasms in his bad back. According to reports, Kennedy planned to legalize marijuana as soon as he started his second term. Of course that never happened because President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 before he could act. When Kennedy retired Anslinger in 1962 from his job in the federal government, Harry was able to obtain the political power needed to get the United States to officially join the United Nations. When Harry was able to get the U.S to join the U.N., he was then able to get the U.S. to sign the Single Convention on Narcotics and other Drugs treaty. This treaty binds the United States to fight the worldwide war on drugs as the United Nations dictates.  When the treaty was signed, it was reported that Harry gloated and said that now no one would ever be able to legalize marijuana. When Harry left the federal government in 1962, he went back over to his long held position at the United Nations where he was welcomed with open arms. Harry stayed a few more years at the United Nations before retiring. It has been reported that Harry relied on the uses of heavy doses of narcotics to relieve the aches and pain of his old age. It is ironic that Harry, throughout his career punished people for using narcotics and now he was using them too. If anyone is interested about the John Kennedy interaction with Harry, use search engines to look for (marijuana, John Kennedy) and (John Kennedy, Harry Anslinger). 
Richard Nixon (1913 to 1994) and Nelson Rockefeller were allies. In 1972 when Richard Nixon was president, he commissioned a group of various experts to investigate the marijuana issue and report on the matter. The commission, also known as The National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, was chaired by former Pennsylvania Governor Raymond Shafer.  Governor Shafer received great pressure from Nixon to toe the prohibitionist line of the government. The commission issued their conclusion in a report called the Shafer Report. The Shafer report said that marijuana was safe to use and should be decriminalized. Nixon did not like this conclusion, so he disbanded the committee and threw away their report. Richard Nixon then turned around and escalated the drug war. Nixon also created the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) which is an agency designed to serve the interests of the Rockefeller pharmaceutical companies.
Over the years, right up to the present year of 2010, the destructive, costly and violent war on drugs still continues. The blood that has been shed and the lives that have been so tragically lost are so great that it is hard to imagine. The United States government pours billions of dollars of tax payer money into keeping certain medicines and drugs out of the hands of the citizens because these drugs present a financial threat to the pharmaceutical monopolies owned by the Rockefellers. Especially medicines like marijuana. However, I include narcotics in this too.  If people were allowed the legal right to be their own doctor, and if they were to have the right to treat themselves and their children for pain and other ailments, we would have a much more productive, just and humane medical system.  If the government prohibition on drugs were to end, citizens would be able to use medicines to treat themselves and their families. They could use medicines such as narcotics and cannabis without any fear of government interference or punishment. The war on drugs is not really a war against the drugs (drugs are inanimate), but is instead the punishing of people who use the drugs. Drugs are not the problem; the problem is the prohibition of drugs. It is the prohibition of drugs that brings great calamity to society and should be ended. The next time you hear a callous politician talking tough and taking a punitive approach to people who use drugs, just remember whose financial interests the politician is really protecting. The callous politician is not protecting the financial interests of the citizens, nor has concern for their health. Medicinal marijuana has many uses and is a particularly powerful cancer-fighting medicine and the citizens should not be deprived of its use. It is a God-given right to use this plant from nature and it is a constitutional right also. 

Here is the legal question: Who owns the natural plants that God created? Is it God or the government?  I maintain that God owns all the plants from nature because it was God who created all the plants, not the government. Yet the government has claimed ownership since they prohibit the use of certain plants. Could the government produce ownership papers for natural plants, thus proving they own the plants? The answer is no because the government does not own the plants and has no right to prohibit the plants. God owns the plants. The government has no claim to the ownership of natural plants, and therefore has no legal authority to tell others not to use the plants.

The Declaration of Independence, signed on July 4, 1776 is a cherished document, which established the United States as a separate country from England.  If this founding document had not existed, we would still be a colony of England. This important legal document is celebrated in our country every year on the Fourth of July. On this holiday, throughout the land, Americans plan picnics, attend parades, and view fireworks displays to celebrate our beginning as a nation. Without the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution would have never been written.

The second paragraph in the Declaration of Independence opens with the words: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The fact that the Founding Fathers looked at the concept of God as the Creator of nature is clear to see. In fact, it is stated in the first paragraph of the same document where the Founding Fathers make references to Natures God. It is easy to see that the plants and flowers from nature are God given, since they come from our Creator. The Founding Fathers were not atheists or communists, since they believed in God. 
The Declaration of Independence is the legal document, which gives the people the legal right to use the plants and flowers from nature given to us by our Great Creator, who is the God of Nature. This is why we the people have a God given right, which is also a legal right to grow and use marijuana, opium poppies or any other plant from Nature that God has given to us. The government does not have the legal authority to take away a God given right, no matter what the government says or does. These rights are blessings from our Creator. 
Those people both in private business or government who do not show any respect for the citizens most basic legal, natural (God given) rights of others to use plants from nature demonstrate that they have no respect for the gifts from our Creator. Nor do they show any respect for the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Those who would knowingly violate the God given rights of others which have been given to all of us by God show they do not believe in the God given rights of others which means they do not believe in God and they are atheists. 
The Declaration of Independence is a legal document and the right of a citizen to use the natural plants/flowers from nature are guaranteed by this document. The Founding Fathers believed that what God has given let no man take away. The government’s prohibition of nature’s plants goes against the will of God.

Why is it that elected government officials and judges are expected to take an oath to support the Constitution, invoke God in their oath, yet ironically some of them turn around and deny God as the Creator by denying the citizens of their God-given rights and supporting laws that prohibit Nature’s plants? Judges in their courts of law require witnesses to take an oath to tell the truth, invoking God in the process, yet some of these judges support prohibition of Nature’s plants and refuse to acknowledge God as the Creator of Nature’s plants, thus denying the citizens the use of plants which is a God given right. Such a double standard by the government prohibitionists is the height of hypocrisy.

Before I conclude this paper I want to address the subject of eugenics, which both Junior Rockefeller and Adolf Hitler were strong advocates of this subject. The eugenics movements believes it is necessary to select certain specific segments of the human population for eradication because of the belief that these chosen groups are unfit to live or to reproduce. These selected groups don’t meet the requirement that the eugenic advocates believe is necessary to keep the human gene pool pure. When Hitler chose to murder and genocide the Jewish population of Europe during World War II, he putting into practice his belief in eugenics. When Hitler chose to murder those who suffered from mental disabilities and physical disabilities he was eliminating sick people, who he viewed as undesirable people who were not fit to live. The elderly were also removed from the gene pool because although they could no longer reproduce their genes due to their age, their lives were still seen as worthless due to their infirmities and therefore not worthy of living. The Rockefeller Foundation which was controlled by Junior funded the eugenics movement both in the United States and in Europe. The use of eugenics takes many forms, including murder/genocide, forced sterilization, and neglect such as withholding food and medicines from those in need. When a life-saving and safe medicine such as cannabis is deliberately withheld from sick people who will die with out it, this is eugenics. The very individual who was responsible for the prohibition of cannabis in the first place believed in ‘culling the weak’ in the human population through his support and practice of eugenics. Cannabis is the perfect medicine and was in wide use by the population and was in fact the number one medicine in use. Cannabis is safe for children and parents routinely used this medicine for themselves and their children when required for a wide variety of ailments with no adverse effects. Cannabis required no prescription and no one had any complaints about it because it was so safe. Read the Jamaican Study on marijuana (conducted by Dr.Melanie Dreatr) to see just how safe and beneficial cannabis truly is. Denying sick people the use of cannabis is the moral equivalent of denying starving people food. Cannabis/marijuana prohibition is a covert way of practicing eugenics and killing the sick.I have covered a lot of information, and researched many years of both the Rockefeller empire and the government.  What I have written in this paper barely scratches the surface, but gives enough information to steer people in the correct direction so that they can do their own research into the origins of the cruel war on drugs.

The government is saturated with the corrupting influence of political cronyism to favor the Rockefellers’ covert control of the government and medical system. I urge everyone who is being prosecuted for marijuana charges to ask for a jury trial and ask for jury nullification of the charges. The government has no legal authority to take away a God-given right also known as a natural right because these rights come from nature (God). These rights are guaranteed rights that the government is required to protect, not to steal them away from us as the government has done. Our lawmakers and judges take an oath to God when they take their oath of office, yet many of these lawmakers and judges dishonor God as the creator of Nature by condemning a natural plant and punishing those who use such plants.

I write this document as a service to all the people of the world but to especially help those who have been so cruelly and unjustly persecuted by the drug war laws or will be in the future. My hope is that this document will help to end for all time the cruel and violent drug wars.  Good people working together to end the persecution generated by the punitive drug war, can bring reform to these oppressive and unGodly laws. People have my permission to reproduce this document, partially or in full, and pass it on to others to read so that everyone will know the truth concerning this issue.

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