Star of David is Seal of Saturn


The ‘Star of David’ (which it is not) is in fact the Seal of Saturn.

It predates Judaism & is even found on the yantra of the godess kali (amongst other places). The cube of Mecca or the kabba[lah] at Mecca is saturn worship. A 2D hexagram (at the center of the ‘star of david’) is a 3D cube (once you fill in the faces of the cube).

Raabis wear/strap a black cube on their foreheads. Muslims walk around the kabba counter-clockwise. Now this is really gonna creep you out. On youtube search ‘nasa viking space craft saturn hexagram north pole‘. Nasa released a video in 2009/10 of the north pole of saturn. It shows a giant hexagram that is rotating counter-clockwise!

This Seal of Saturn is often depicted as two X’s i.e XX which is the same as Masonic compass & square. Join the tips of the Xs and you get the compass & square. Saturn is the god of time & space. The cube is space & the circle (or rings) are time (ouroboros). A compass and a square make a cube & a circle. Incidentally this ties back to Microsoft X-box 360 (where x box is a saturn cube, 360=circle). Also see nintendo cube, transformers comic cube (energon) etc. This symbology is everywhere.

Also, rainbow symbolism == rings of saturn, lord of the rings (one ring to rule them all crap). The lord of the rings is saturn. All seeing eye (southern pole of Saturn). Purple Olympics == saturnian purple.

The beast (666) in the bible is saturn (saturn in irish gaelic & contracted to satan). All the angles, sides etc on the seal of saturn are 6 or 60 deg.

Saturn == EL == ON (heliopolis in greek) which connects saturn to israEL, ELohim, AngEL etc. These characters / entities are somehow linked to or come from EL. Notice how Hollywood is obsessed with alien invasion movies? The world alien is a deliberate misnomer. Its elion. or el-i-on.

It’s an invasion of demons (elions) that are being brought here through portals (or gateways – another hollywood obsession) that are being opened by a combination of ritual magick, sacrifice & science.

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