The Ongoing Mysterious Deaths Of 9/11 Witnesses


Why do our 9/11 Witnesses keep Dying?

By Tom Retterbush | Conspiracy-Watch

The victims of 9-11 are assured of a permanent place in the American history, memory and psychology. Mainly because so many were innocent. But also because the tragedy continues to be milked by the Powers That Be, using all the resources at their disposal to make sure we believe in a common enemy, and are willing to give up more and more of our rights and freedoms for a false sense of security and safety.

It enabled our Fearless Leaders to launch a multi-billion, probably a trillion dollar Police State. It enabled our politicians to spend and make enough money, with which they could have wiped out hunger and poverty, but rather choosing to spend it on an overpriced, inefficient, dysfunctional Department of Homeland Security, as well as arm practically every arm of law enforcement with enough firepower to wage war against their own people and kill every citizens 100 times over.

It is agreed that literally anything beamed over primetime television finds its way into the the American hearts, and minds, no matter if it be Keeping up with the Kardashians or Shamwow. In a similar way, the official version of 9-11 will continue to be propagated as long as it squats over primetime television programming. America responded by creating really kitsch memorabilia, bumper stickers, posters and paraphernalia. To quote Ken Layne at Wonkette,

On 911, nearly 3,000 people were horribly killed so that Rudy Giuliani could earn a hundred million dollars and run for president of 9/11 and the most corrupt administration in American History could wage endless war around the world and many working-class people could affix “United We Stand” bumper stickers to their SUVs, so they could drive around with pride while eating hamburgers off their laps and listening to talk radio wingnuts.

How did such a truly awful, gut-wrenching event inspire such stupid crap? It’s just part of our modern, idiotic culture — the same mouth-breathing instinct that compels people to pile a bunch of wet stinking stuffed animals at the site of a fatal car crash, or order a hundred Thug Life “memorial T-shirts” to remember some shithead gangsta teen who got himself shot, or make a GeoCities memorial site for Princess Diana (with animated GIFs and MIDI music of “Candle In The Wind”). Or, if you’re an entrepreneur, maybe you just manufacture some lighters in China with bas-relief images of the burning WTC towers and Osama bin Laden’s face, and when you open it, the thing will play “Für Elise” and little LEDs will blink in the “fire.”

More enterprising Americans jump-started charities to shamelessly profiteer from 9-11. Think of it as a cannibalistic frenzy of extreme capitalism.

As of now, 9/11 remembrance (the official version, of course) has mutated into some kind of pagan religion, right alongside Superbowl and Easter rabbits that lay eggs.And like any religion, it carries exclusivity. If you are not into remembering (the official version of) 9/11, you are with the terrorists. Efforts have been made to identify and document all categories of the victims of 9-11, from actual victims and families of victims to survivors and those that experienced the attacks firsthand.

Even the dogs that participated in the rescue effort have been recognized. Though it has been documented that rescue workers exposed to asbestos and dying of such exposure are being sidelined to prevent a barrage of financial claims.

For the record, the World Trade Center was once used in an advertisement by Asbestos® Ltd. But there is one category of 9/11 victims, perhaps the most deserving of recognition, that will continue to remain hidden from public view. These are the Americans who died as victims of the 9/11 cover-up, before, during and after 9/11. Unlike other victims of 9/11, these victims were not accidental heroes. It was their beliefs and their convictions that lead to their deaths. And in some cases, they knew the danger they were involved in.

See more videos on 9/11 here.


Fortunately, there are still some credible 9/11 witnesses left alive. For example, William “Willy” Rodriguez is the hero who helped save hundreds of lives, and the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center (WTC) Towers (before they collapsed — 20 people survived the collapse: 16 crawled to safety and four more were later rescued.) Rodriguez and a handful of co-workers who were down in the basement at the time of the attack, actually heard and felt huge explosions beneath their feet in the lower basement levels.

While this anomaly in itself should have been cause for serious investigation, it is the timing of these explosions that is extremely troubling: They occurred several seconds before the first airplane impacted the tower. The first of these explosions, which occurred about 7-8 seconds before the plane struck the tower was so powerful it literally threw Rodriguez upwards, clean off the floor, as parts of the false ceiling collapsed onto and around him. Rodriguez heard and felt at least three explosions going off down in the basement levels within seconds of each other.

Absolute pandemonium broke out, with screams of “Bombs! Bombs!” rising above the din as terrified workers scattered in all directions, frantically seeking ways to escape. Its absolutely inexcusable that accounts like this have been kept under the mainstream radar. Though they were reported, they go down in both the hearings and history as little more than a footnote. America (and by default, Western Societies) can be just as dangerous as dictatorships and  Middle Eastern monarchies, if you happen to be in the bad books of the Cabal. But at the same time, America is different from  dictatorships and Middle Eastern monarchies. People tend to dance along in denial….the show goes on. 9/11 Truthers will always be a minority.

It is unlikely that the Powers That Be will encounter resistance or overthrow. How did this come to be? Or rather, has it always been like this? A good starting point is to take into consideration how American society is sociologically different. If suppose a murder were to happen in a simplistic tribal society in some remote region of Afghanistan, the village elders would gather and within a day or two, and a decision would be made on either retribution or compensation, depending on what the victim(s) family wanted. In Western society, there are no village elders. And even if they are not rotting in retirement homes, their role in society is limited strictly to their economic potential (which they ironically accept). Members of Western society are usually incapable of organizing for the purpose of obtaining justice.

Instead, justice has been outsourced to institutions dominated by secret societies. In other words, providing justice is to the discretion of The Powers That Be. And rather than society, they get to determine whether or not a crime has occurred in the first place. This societal failure is not because of a massive cloak of deception. Rather, its because of an inherent and undocumented Darwinian belief system. Where members of society have little time or mindspace for what happens outside their little bubble. And where their top priority is worship of the NOW. Reciprocally, whoever controls the NOW controls them. The implications are dangerous for the remainder of the world. Suppose Osama Bin Laden never made the ill fated decision to move to Afghanistan. And instead moved to Orange County and invested in  banking and oil corporations. Would he too, like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, get to use us for his wars? 9/11 Cover-up victim Hunter S. Thompson was quoted as saying “I’m afraid that we’re raising a generation of dancers” with reference to present day American youth. This statement was immortalized in a beautiful lyric by The Killers.

Residents of dictatorships can be conditioned to accept tyranny through fear and coercion.  On the other hand, Thompson’s “dancers” need no fear and coercion. They can be conditioned to delightfully “dance” for their Cabal. And in doing so, they even outdo the residents of dictatorships and thugocracies in subservience. And those that refuse to “dance” are regularly weeded out like the victims of the 9/11 cover-up.


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