The Government is Using Drones to Manipulate the Weather in America

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The United States government is modifying the weather using cloud seeding and drones in several spots across America.

Weather modification also known as Geo-engineering, cloud seeding and chemtrails have been ridiculed by experts as a conspiracy. Until recently, solid evidence of  weather modification has been kept under lock & key.

We now have access to historical government documents that suggest weather modification has been going on since  1946, authored by Homer E. Newel, Associate Administrator for Space Science and Applications, National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Newel said in his ICAS Report No. 10a, November 1966 that, “Over the past twenty years experiments have been conducted on weather modification, particularly on the effects of seeding clouds with such materials as silver iodide crystals. The results are limited. Under suitable circumstances it has been possible to augment precipitation by ten to twenty percent, and to reduce the frequency of fire-producing lightning strokes. Effects on hail production have been noted, sometimes suppression and sometimes augmentation. These results probably would be of only passing interest were it not for the potential importance to mankind of further progress in this field. “

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