How Subliminal Messages are Used to Control Your Mind


Have you ever wondered why we are so addicted to certain things? Or why our society behaves the way it does? Many of the common behaviors in our society did not occur because of our free will choices; rather, they occurred because we were conditioned to act in certain ways.

Through our education, religious, and media systems we have been slowly conditioned to behave the way that they want us to behave. Fortunately, the human mind is strong enough that their brainwashing techniques are not 100 percent effective. One of their best techniques to use for controlling our thought pattern is subliminal message. For visual evidence of how the mainstream media manipulates our mind, read this shocking article titled How Mainstream Media Deceives You with Its Magic Tricks.

What is a subliminal message?

Subliminal message is a message designed to stimulate and reprogram your subconscious mind. Because it is designed to target your subconscious mind, you are usually not aware of it. This feature makes subliminal message a very effective tool for controlling your thought patterns. Depending on how it is used, subliminal message can heal or harm your mind.

Some of the most popular subliminal messages used by corporations and the government are related to sex, drug, food, fear, and violence. Next time you watch TV, pay very close attention to the show or commercial you are watching and you may notice how these five topics are incorporated in it. This is one of the main reasons why people are so addicted to sex, drug, food, fear, and violence. The reason why corporations and the government like to use these five topics the most is because they are very effective at selling their idea or product.

Out of the five topics I just mentioned, sex is the most popular for corporations because it sells. This is why most ads or commercials usually contain something that is related to sex. Now you may realize why corporations are willing to invest millions of dollars to put subliminal messages in advertising.

Subliminal messages are designed to target your mind because it is a part of the intellect, self-awareness, and consciousness field of who you are. Once they influence your mind to a certain point, they can use subliminal messages to control your thought patterns. The main mediums used to control your thought patterns are TV, computer, music player, video game, radio, magazine, book, and newspaper.

How to detox your mind of subliminal messages

To start the process of detoxing your mind of these addictive and brainwashing subliminal messages, start reducing the amount of time you spend using these mediums. Instead of only relying on the mainstream media for information, start looking at alternative media for information. More importantly, learn to discipline your mind by reducing distraction and looking within yourself for answers. Another great technique to detox your mind of subliminal message is to become aware of how it is being used to brainwash you.

Once you start detoxing your mind of these addictive and controlling subliminal messages, your life will start to feel less stressful. You may notice that many of your addictions toward sex, drug, food, and violence will significantly drop. This is because you have become aware of the subliminal messages that are affecting your subconscious mind, so they are no longer controlling you at the subconscious level.

The short video clips below do an excellent job of teaching you how to detect subliminal messages. I highly encourage you to watch it because it shows you how to become aware of the techniques they use to create subliminal messages. Being aware of these techniques is your best tool for protecting yourself from subliminal messages in advertising.

Subliminal Sex Messages – Disney Cartoons & Advertisements

Subliminal Messages in Disney Movies

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