Why the Earth Drama is a Battle for Our Energy


The conflicts we experience within the systems of our society, including but not limited to the financial, religious, political, education, technology, and energy system, and the endless wars we see on the mainstream media are all about the battle for energy. These conflicts are what I like to refer to as the Earth Drama. This drama isn’t only occurring at the physical level but also at the spiritual level.

When I say “energy,” I’m not only talking about the energy we used to power homes and businesses. I’m also talking about our personal energy and frequency. At the deepest level of the Earth Drama, which is the drama between the Light Forces and Dark Forces, it is about the battle for our energy and soul.

How money is used to steal our energy

When we go to a local bank to apply for a loan, we are actually giving the local bank an opportunity to turn the promissory note that we signed into money. In other words, our promise to pay is what gives value to that promissory note. Because of this, when the local bank turns the promissory note that we signed into money, it is actually our money.

What the local bank doesn’t tell us is that it uses our promissory notes to exchange for credits in our transaction accounts. This process allows local banks to create new money. Once this transaction is complete, the local bank then turns around and lends us our own money as a bank loan. This process isn’t the same as the process when central banks print money out of thin air.

What the local bank did is fraud because it is lending us our own money. By lending us our own money, the local bank is making 100 percent profit every time we pay our monthly payment. If we add the interest into the equation, the local bank is making more than 100 percent profit. This is how banks are stealing our money without our knowledge. In other words, they are committing fraud.

At the deepest level, this money creation process is actually stealing our energy, because the value of money is determined by the time and energy we put into it. When we pay banks back with real money, that money represents our personal time and energy, because we worked hard to earn that money.

To learn more about how the current monetary system is used to steal your energy, read my informative article titled Bank Secrets: Did You Know All Debts Are Prepaid and Fraudulent? or download the presentation file of my seminar about the secrets of the financial system.

We are all being used as “batteries” (energy)

The best form of slavery is achieved by deceiving the people, because this form of slavery is very effective for tricking us to think that we are free. The Controllers of the Dark Forces, which are the International Banksters, are obsessed with stealth slavery or covert slavery, because it is very effective for controlling our minds without us being aware of it.

One way they enslave us without our knowledge is through the debt system. Another way is through their mainstream media outlets. When they use the mainstream media to condition us how to think, it is a type of “mind control.” No matter how you look at it, at the end of the day, it is still mind control.

Here is the definition of mind control from TheFreeDictionary.com.

1. Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs.

2. The application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as an advertising campaign or repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation.

Once you understand the definition of mind control, you will know that we are all under the influence of mind control technologies, such as the mainstream media. The level of influence will vary depending on how awake and aware we are.

The creators of The Matrix did a great job of metaphorizing how we are being used as batteries by the Dark Forces. This movie actually contains a lot of truth, but the truth is hidden using occult symbols and metaphors.

The Matrix – Battery

What are some of the solutions for stopping the Dark Forces from stealing our energy

One of the first things you need to do to prevent the systems of the Dark Forces from stealing your energy is to remove your consent. Next, you need to reduce your support for the systems of the Dark Forces. If you could, stop supporting some or all of their systems completely. For example, reduce your spending on conventional food and use that extra money to buy organic food or food from your local farmer’s market.

By doing the previous things, you are making it much harder for their systems to absorb your energy. Another solution is to avoid making contracts with the Dark Forces. A contract is one of their favorite ways to bind your energy to their systems. To learn how they do this, read my empowering article titled How Canon Law and Contract Law Enslave You.

Without our support and ignorance, the Dark Forces and their minions have no chance of succeeding at enslaving us and stealing our energy to fuel their controlling systems. In other words, educate yourself and stop supporting corporations that want to destroy your future and the future of humanity.

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Pao L. Chang is the author and founder of OmniThought.org and EnergyFanatics.com. His main goal is to empower you with knowledge that is beyond the conventional paradigm to help free your mind and increase your spiritual well-being to a whole new level.

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