Paediatrician Exposes the Dangers of Drinking Fluoridated Water – A Five Minute Presentation You Can Not Ignore.


by Andrew Puhanic |

The following is a five-minute presentation by Dr. Yolanda Whyte, a primary care Paediatrician who no longer supports water fluoridation, about the dangers of drinking fluoridated water.

Universally, there is no doubt that drinking water that has been contaminated with fluoride is dangerous, has many side effects and is detrimental to the health of our children.

The growing literature of peer-reviewed research that substantiates claims that drinking water that has been medicated with fluoride is ever-expanding. Once study even exposes how fluoride reduces intelligence in children.

Ultimately, If you can’t determine the amount of fluoride you are drinking, then you can’t determine the correct dose. If you can’t determine the dose of fluoride you have consumed, then you can’t determine if you are drinking above or below the recommended safe dosage of fluoride.


 If you are still not convinced that drinking water that has been tainted with fluoride is dangerous, then ask yourself the following two questions.

  1. Do you know what is the recommended safe level of fluoride you, or a child, can safely consume each day?
  2. Do you know how much fluoride you have ingested today?

Some people may know what the recommended safe level of fluoride an adult or child can ingest per day. However, no one knows how much fluoride they have consumed at any given point in time.

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